Knowledge Sharing is critical to all Boomer exits as they retire.

A 2019 LinkedIn survey entitled, “2019 Global Talent Trends” will tell you that the millennial crowd needs the soft skill knowledge that Boomers have and can share with them. In fact, 80% of the survey’s respondents said that managerial soft skills knowledge is increasingly important to a company’s success.

The survey went on to say that while hard skills have contributed greatly to better productivity it is the use of soft skills that can magnify the output of productivity due to the individual’s creativity.  

The fact of the matter is that Millennials have not been through the same management development process that Boomers have where Boomers went through a rigorous curriculum that taught them the 12 Traits of Leadership as they were ascending in an organization. The Millennials, many of whom have advanced degrees, did not have the same opportunity due to recessionary cutbacks in management development as the Boomers.

But the leadership of said companies assumed with said advanced degrees that a Millennial would have been exposed to the same type of managerial development that the Boomers received as part of a Millennial advanced education. Not the case. So as Boomers have begun to exit their companies their Millennial replacements have had a rough go of things managerially. 

With that in mind some companies have begun to create “Knowledge sharing” programming where Boomers, as part of their retirement exit process, mentor Millennials on the 12 Traits of Leadership. Updated instructional content is delivered digitally and follow up, “real life” coaching is delivered 1on1 Boomer to Millennial. At the same time Millennials are educating Boomers on their approach to life which leads to a more collegial relationship.

It is not uncommon to observe a Boomer and a Millennial jointly watching one of the digital Leadership learning programs and then discussing it over coffee or lunch in the employee cafeteria. This shift has been profound in that former almost combatants are now honestly and respectfully listening intently to what the other is saying. Amazing!!

Through the marriage of technology and embedded wisdom both sides are now contributing great things to the company as this new relationship helps the Millennial to become a better manager of people which in turn increases productivity and improves profitability.

All this with just starting a conversation about Vision or Communication or Emotional Intelligence digitally which gets supported by some good old-fashioned storytelling. Life in the 21st century.